Friday, July 13, 2012

Dear WebKit, I can commit now!

After some months I finally got the committer rights on WebKit project :-), my first commit of course was the most traditional one, add myself on :-P, hope to do more useful commits in a near future :-).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hugo

Hope your well.

You have been identified by my client specifically as someone that they want to join them in a WebKit Reviewer / Committer position.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join and work for a Global company based in Finland.

The company is prepared to offer Huge money to attract the best in the industry professionals to work for them, Money is no concern for my client.

Please find below a brief description of what they require:

We currently require a webkit guru(such as webkit reviewer, committer) who work on the internal of Webkit
engine(such as render engine, JS engine, webkit2 multi-process model, etc). To be a lead consultant amongst a small team. It is a plus If he also has a lot of work experiences on webkit engine performance optimize. We do not want a guy who only build some apps using webkit api, and do not dive into the internal work of webkit engine.

Please contact me if this is something Hugo that you would like to discuss in more detail.

+44 203 206 7566