Thursday, April 22, 2010

Status report on "Save the universe" task

I'm talking about my pet project called meique, yes, this is yet another build tool.

The project is going a "bit" slow, I can summarize this situation in numbers, the project had 15 commits so far, 4 in 08/2009, 4 in 12/2009 and 7 in 04/2010. In other words, 4 commits, 4 months doing nothing, 4 commits, 4 months doing nothing, 7 commits, ...

As you can see there is a pattern in meique development, every commit represents 1 month doing nothing! But this isn't my fault, ok.. is my fault, anyway I want to break this pattern, no... no... I'm going to break this pattern!! at least I hope so.

Besides all development slow down I achieved some goals with those 15 commits:

  • The basic architecture to provide the basic functionality is done, or almost done :-).
  • Meique can now compile basic hello worlds \o/.

So what's missing and what's next?

Missing? A lot of things. My current implementation plan is:

  • Implement the source directory structure replication, used to the separated build dir compilation feature.
  • Create a very basic preprocessor, just to identify the dependencies of a C++ file on each run.
  • Use md5 or a faster hash algorithm to identify when a file needs to be recompiled.
  • Support multiple jobs, -jN option.
  • Redo this list with four more items.

For anyone interested on meique, take a look at gitrotious project page.

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